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APB Motors

Great prices on good quality cars (audi, Subaru, VW, BMW) I to purchased a Salvage BMW from them. I had it taken to my mechanic (APB was OK with this) It passed, no mechanical issues like APB stated. They were even kind enough to show me pictures of how the car used to look like before it was repaired. I’m really glad I purchased from them, because it must of saved me between $4,000 – $6,000 on my 06 BMW 325i. THANK YOU APB!

Tony Gill

These guys are amazing. Quick, affordable, no hassle. Their work was so good I could not tell where it had been damaged before I brought it to them. Highly recommended.

Charles McGlathery

Andrew is the best. We fixed my van so excellent that you wouldn’t know it’s been damaged before. Price is very low, compare to other body shops. So I would recommend this place to everyone.

Kakhramon Taipov

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