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President, Shop manager, Estimator, Lead Mechanic.   He rebuilt 1st engine at 15 years old.  Knows cars from inside out and has been repairing / rebuilding cars as a profession for over a Decade now!  He’s degreed from internationally known and very prestigous Automotive Technical College in Rostov, Russia


Certified PPG Waterbourne painter and application! Started working with European vehicles from 1998 as a mechanic and engine rebuilder. A few years into working with cars, realized that he enjoys painting more vs mechanic work. Since then has been doing auto body painting as a profession. Also has experience repairing plastic and fiber glass panels. also has a degree from very prestigous Automotive Technical College in Rostov, Russia.


Eddie has over 3 years as a Diesel Mechanic with us. He specializes in Diesel engines! He has top of the line in-house training on Diesel and Heavy Duty Truck Rebuilding. He Knows Ford trucks years 2003 and newer inside and out. Very professional body man on heavy impact and rollover accident vehicles.


Office manager, auto sales and customer service expert.


Jack of all trades and engine specialist.


10 years automotive experience, degree from Colorado department of education, VW & Audi enthusiast and Mechanic, Specializes in Timing belt services, Engine and Transmission R&R.


15 year verteran painter. Completed courses in Waterbourne paint and application!


Used & Salvage Parts Wizard and Shipping Manager. 
Customer service and sales rep. Estimator for service and repair. can come off as sounding harsh, but in reality he is a very funny and friendly guy!


Mechanic and body.
He has a degree from the prestigious automotive technical college in Kyrgyzstan.


29 years of experience in automotive field and frame repair. Very creative, most years of his experience is from Europe with a degree from technical college in Rostov, Russia: he can do wonders repairing parts/ frame work if no parts are available, and that way saves money to customer.

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