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2008-2010 Ford F-250/F-350/F-450 Super Duty 6.4 Diesel Engine!!! Rebuild!!!!

What we have is a fully rebuilt 6.4 Ford F-350/F-250/F-450 engine. All internals have been rebuilt or replaced. Here is the list of the parts and work done to the motor.

• New Pistons (Better than OEM)
• Bowl work done
• New Rings
• New Main bearings
• New Rod bearings
• New Piston pins
• Fully rebuilt heads
• New head gaskets
• New seals
• Rebuild injector
• New OEM Low Pressure oil pump
• New Valve cover gaskets
• New Cam bearings
• Tested high pressure fuel pump or refurbished
• Each motor is tested on a stand for compression and leak down test.

APB Motors have been rebuilding these engines for over 5 years and we have worked on fords for over 10 years. We do all the rebuilds in house and only send out the heads and block to get the work done. We offer installation. Engine comes with 1 year warranty parts only. If APB Motors does the install then 1 year warranty covers parts and labor. Must have the core engine back. Core charge is $1,500 in which buyer is refunded back when core is returned. Engines come with fuel pump, injectors, fuel rails, brackets and some other little a parts. Accessories and Turbos are not included.

Engine Price $8,500 plus core. 1 YEAR WARRANTY

For more information or have any question please feel free to contact us.

APB Motors
7200 E54th place.
Commerce City, CO 80022

Ask for Viktor. Also you can text me at 303-819-1149